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Manchester debates ethics of displaying dead

Body Worlds 4 - EthicsManchester is set to become the focus of public debate this month, with two events which will discuss whether it is ethically right to display dead bodies.  

The city has attracted international attention for hosting two major exhibitions featuring real human dead bodies. The Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) currently shows Gunther von Hagens’ BODY WORLDS 4, while Manchester Museum recently opened the doors on its new exhibition about the Iron Age bog body, Lindow Man.  

The events include a debate led by Manchester Museum called ‘Should We Display the Dead?’ on 13 May, and a talk by Bath University’s Professor of Death Studies, Tony Walter, about ‘The Ethics of BODY WORLDS’, on 20 May. They are part of a series of lectures held at MOSI in connection with BODY WORLDS 4.  

Tony Hill, Acting Director at MOSI said: “BODY WORLDS 4 and Lindow Man have provoked a lot of discussion amongst visitors to the exhibitions, and the Bishop of Manchester in particular asked for a public debate on the topic. In response to this we wanted to provide a forum to allow an open exchange of opinion. What happens to our bodies after we die is something which is a relevant topic for all of us to think about, so please do come along and tell us what you think about this very interesting issue.” 

Tuesday 13 May
Should We display the Dead? Chaired by Dr Sam Alberti, University of Manchester. 

Tuesday 20 May
The Ethics of BODY WORLDS:  A Talk by Tony Walter, Professor of Death Studies. University of Bath.

Both events are held at the Museum of Science and Industry and start at 7pm. Admission is £5 per person or £2.50 with a BODY WORLDS 4 ticket. Cash bar.

Body Worlds 4 Lecture and Debate Programme

Tues 13/05/08

Manchester Museum Debate

Should we Display the Dead?

Tues 20/05/08

Tony Walter Lecture

The Ethics of BODY WORLDS

Tues 27/05/08

British Red Cross

The Mechanics Behind Saving a Life

Tues 03/06/08


Newborn Screening… Bar-coded at Birth?

Sat 07/06/081.30pm

British Red Cross

The Mechanics Behind Saving a Life (Family event)

 For more information about the BODY WORLDS 4  lecture series please look up! 

For media information or photos please contact Sarah Roe, MOSI Tel: 0161 606 0176 m: 07847 372647  or Ros Helliwell, Manchester Museum Tel: 0161 306 1583 or look up

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