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Museum of Science and Industry

Underground Manchester Gallery

Sales sample miniature sanitary fitting

Go underground to find out why clean water and effective sewerage were vital to public health and Manchester's development.  Located in the cellars of the Station Building, this gallery tells the story of Manchester's water supply and sanitation from Roman times to the present day.  Outside the Station Building, look out for the massive valve that controlled water flow along the Thirlmere Aqueduct, which still brings water to Manchester from the Lake District.

Walk through a Victorian sewer, built using original bricks from a Tippler toilet Manchester sewer of the late 1830s.  Explore the history of the toilet through exhibits including a real Victorian privy (earth closet) and a tippler toilet featuring an unusual flushing system.  A recreation of the laundry at Moss Street Public Baths, Bolton, takes you back to the age of steam laundry.

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