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Museum of Science and Industry

Manchester Mills

Runs daily
(See full listing for additional demonstration times)
Event times
11:30 - 12:00

No need to book.
Suitable for all ages.

This thunderous demonstration of historic mill machinery will show you how cotton is processed from its raw state to the finished product - a piece of calico cloth.

Go back in time to the working mills of 150 years ago and experience the deafening sounds of the mill machines.

Find out how these machines changed lives, and hear what life was like for thousands of mill workers.

Learn about the working conditions during a time when respiratory diseases were rife, and children as young as 5 were employed as mill workers.

You may even get to meet someone with first-hand experience of working in a textile mill.

Manchester Mills demonstration times

Mon 17 Nov - Fri 19 Dec Mon - Fri 10.30am - 11am
11.30am - 12 noon
3.30pm - 4pm
Weekends 11.30am - 12 noon
3pm - 3.30pm
Sat 20 Dec - Sun 4 Jan Every day 11.30am - 12 noon
2pm - 2.30pm
All ages
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