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Museum of Science and Industry

Meet Baby

Runs every Tuesday and Wednesday
Event times
10:00 - 15:00

Meet Baby (p)See the replica of the world's first stored-program computer, the 'Baby', which first ran in 1948 at the University of Manchester, and find out more about this fascinating exhibit from our experienced volunteers.

Although our volunteers try to run the 'Baby' at the times advertised, demonstration times may start or finish earlier depending on volunteer availability and occasionally these demonstrations cannot be run. Please call 0161 832 2244 before setting off if making a special visit.

For more pictures of 'Baby' visit the MOSI Facebook page.

Did You Know?

  • 'Baby' was built using technology developed for World War Two radar and communications equipment.
  • It has less computing power than a modern calculator, yet is 5.2 metres long, 2.2 metres high and weighs one tonne!

In Addition

Hartree Differential AnalyserHartree Differential Analyser Demos
Tuesdays Only, 12noon and 2pm
Watch demonstrations of this mechanical computer, designed by Douglas Hartree of the University of Manchester in 1935.

As with the 'Baby' demos, as this event is run by volunteers, occasionally it is not able to take
place – please call 0161 832 2244 in advance if making a special visit.

Ages 12+
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