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Museum of Science and Industry

Wellcome Image Awards 2015

Runs daily between 19 Mar 2015 and 1 Mar 2016
Event times
10:00 - 17:00

No need to book - drop in any time.
Recommended for ages 12 and older.

Come closer to a greenfly's eye, the tongue of a cat, and drug-carrying particles in the lungs of a mouse. These are among the 20 award-winning images that show the world's biomedical wonders in minute detail.

"The breath-taking riches of the imagery that science generates are so important in telling stories about research and helping us to understand often abstract concepts.

"It's not just about imaging the very small either, it's about understanding life, death, sex and disease: the cornerstones of drama and art. Once again, the Wellcome Image Awards celebrate all of this and more with this year's incredible range of winning images." Scientist and broadcaster Adam Rutherford

The 20 winning photographs have been selected from the thousands of images acquired by the Wellcome Library for their Wellcome Images collection. Since 2012, Wellcome have held these annual awards to highlight the work of clinical photographers, illustrators and images.

The awards celebrate the very best in science imaging talent, from detailed microscopy and clinical photography to illustration revealing a world often hidden from plain sight in stunning colour and detail.

Ages 12 and older
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